Parent Testimonials!

"I have had my daughter enrolled to preschool music/dance class for the last two years and have really enjoyed our experience at Edison School of Music and Dance. Emma loves to go to class and sing and dance and had such a great time at both the holiday recital and the year end recital. My family and I were very happy with the recitals as they were very well organized and allowed us to enjoy our daughters performance. I would highly recommend this dance studio for your children."
-Angela Fazioli (Emma's Mom)

"As a family, we feel Edison School of Music and Dance makes my daughters feel special. We have watched them first foster a love for music during their music lessons and now in dance they have grown from nervous young girls to a proud, confident dancers on the stage at the June recital…To me, this school has nurtured a love of dance within my daughters that developed over 10 months of classes. The instructors gently guide the students to reach their full potential. They are patient and caring yet firm enough to instill a love of dance and the seriousness of the practice…The School of Music and Dance is designed to meet the needs of its students to help them develop their true potential as dancers and musicians as well as instill a love and passion for both music and dance."
-Denise Haydu (Ashley and Joyce's Mom)

"My children take music and dance at the School of Music and Dance. They have been students here for over a year now and the experience has been very satisfactory and rewarding for them. Jovan and Savan take guitar, and Shania does ballet/tap and piano. As a mother of three it is very hard to try and fulfill each child’s desire in all their interests. So my biggest advantage is that all three kids come in on the same day and at the same time for their lessons. This is very beneficial to me, but also leaves the rest of the week free for the other activities they wish to do. I have registered the kids for fall class and due to very helpful staff, priority pre-registration, and being able to come in first if you have three or more students, this allowed me to register them all on the same day and time again. Jovan, Savan, and Shania are all progressing well and enjoying their time at the school."
-Kam Sekhon

"Edison School of Dance has given our daughters an opportunity to excel and build confidence. This has allowed them to feel comfortable in school, be it socially or when presenting a class project. It is also reflected in their educational excellence. Their dance training has developed their fondness for the arts and participation in high school plays. We are so pleased with the school staff and instruction technique that as adults we have enrolled for yoga to enhance the inner woman and guitar/bass lessons for the inner man. Now it is a family affair…and that perfectly describes the school's approach, they make you part of their family and they are part of ours."
-Pete and Debbie Prakapas

"If you were to ask me why I chose Edison School of Music and Dance for both music and dance lessons for my children, the answer would be quite simple. It is a place where my children are treated with kindness and respect. They are encouraged to improve but accepted for where they are at any given point in time. They are never made to feel bad about themselves or their errors but encouraged to work hard to improve to the next level. Music and dance should be fun and at the school of music and dance the instructors create such a warm, non-threatening atmosphere that it is fun. Although the school has grown and made some changes since my children started at the school five years ago, their dedication and commitment to their students has not wavered; it continues to be a school where children are accepted for who they are and encouraged to be the best they can be."
-Barbara Kausch

Instruments & Instruction:

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